8 Key Rules To Happiness

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Hi, I am glad you are interested in my first article, I hope you will like it and it will be useful for you!

I created this list from my own experience, and if you don’t agree with it, it’s your right, leave a comment if you think different.

Let’s begin

Our life is complicated, and as we grow we get more problems, and if you want to live a happy and full life you need to fight those problems!

I met a lot of different people that weren’t pleasant to me, so I set those rules to help myself to be happier and make my life better!

I will not tell you my story, because I think it is not necessary information here, but I will tell you those rules!

So rule number 1:

Do not care about what other people think about you!

I know for someone this sounds obvious, but for someone, this is somewhat unclear.

This rule saved me from a long depression.

We, humans, are social creatures and our lives depend on the society around us

So if we take everything close to our hearts, it can hurt us really hard, and for some people, it will be hard to overcome this situation

So my advice, stop caring about what other people think about you because they do not deserve it unless those people are your family or someone who wants only good for you!

Start thinking about yourself, but just don’t be selfish!


And don’t forget, that some critiques from other people are good because you can see what you need to change in yourself

Rule number 2:

If you do something, do it 100% right

You see, often when we do something, our work is checked by other people ( it can be your boss, close friends, or your customers ).

So if you do your work right, people will be more respectful to your diligence and they will appreciate what you are doing.

I know this looks a little bit controversial to the first rule, but it is important that someone can evaluate the quality of our work.

When you do something 100%, firstly you prove to yourself that you can do it, and just then to other people!

Rule number 3:

Fight with your fears

It is often seen in many people’s stories, that fear can become a big barrier for achieving our dreams

And this is sad, that we didn’t try something that we really wanted to try, just because we were scared and then years later we will regret about not doing it

The easiest way, and probably the only way to overcome fear is to meet it face to face, I know this sounds terrifying, but we need to do it

For example, you are afraid to talk to someone you like and maybe he or she likes you too, but they might be shy like you, so if you don’t make the first step, you will never be together. And then you will say to yourself: “Oh, I should have told her(him) that I like her(him)”, or something like this

So be brave and grab every opportunity you see to your hands and do it!

But don’t do any stupid and dangerous things like jumping off the roof to the swimming pool, or anything like this!

Rule number 4:

Believe in yourself

Everything we begin begins with us!

And if you want to succeed in something you need to believe in your power and yourself

Sometimes it’s not enough to have a good skill doing something, because there is always someone better than us

If you don’t give yourself a chance for a better life in your head, than in real-world it will be the same.

So give yourself a chance when you need it!

Rule number 5:

Money is not everything

It is true, but at the same time it is not true

What does this mean?

It means that money is just money, and money will never replace you people you love, or something that you can’t buy for them.

But money can open you an opportunity to create new and happy moments with people you love, or money can give you a chance to fulfil the dream of travelling to places you have always wanted to visit

Maybe you want to create something great like film, or computer program that can help someone!

So money is not a bad thing at all, you need to learn how to use them properly

Rule number 6:

Gain new skills and good habits

I believe that humans are meant to get better and better each and every day! To accomplish this we should learn and practice, or work on something for 10 000 hours to master it

Every time you learn something, you become a better version of yourself

Like kids, they first learn how to walk than talk, and then how to be grown-ups

I know that it’s hard to do so much stuff every day, we are studying or working, or both, besides that we have to cook, clean the house and much more and it seems like something impossible to achieve new goals!

But remember,

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible”!

Quote by, Audrey Hepburn

Rule number 7

Be able to laugh at yourself sometimes

Laughing at yourself means that you are able to see your weaknesses and then work on them, it means that you are not hiding from fear being weak!

This is important for us to move forward!

Rule number 8:

Smile everyday

Positive energy is necessary for our lives!

And that is important to set a good tone for every day!

A little smile can help us :)

Just find a moment in a day when you can smile for real because fake smile won’t work and this will give you a lot of good power to move on

Just look around and find something that will make you smile)

Wish you good luck and a lot of happy moments in the new decade)



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